Founder & CEO, Ruby hsieh

Minimize Cost, Maximize ROI, Digitally!

Based on consumer centric, we held countless successful campaigns by using cutting-edge digital advertising and analyzing skills. There are more than 150 advertisers served by us, our passion and expertise are always the keys to tell great stories about your brand!

Co-founder & COO, Natalia li

See Really deep into markets

With more than a decade of digital marketing experiences and data, we categorize consumer insights in details. Every move of our strategy is based on one goal: to maximize the ROI.

Market Research & Consumer Insights
We collect much data and information in markets.
Marketing Strategy Management
We talk numbers to markets but drink beers with the TA.
Conversion Management
Our cutting-edge skills and tools are the key to maximize you ROI.
CBO, Kiki loh

We duplicate your successes!

A successful business model sometimes stays in only one market. That's fine, just make this one market bigger! The key is tuning your frequency, to reach more people who are like your people.

CRM & Re-marketing Solution
Consumers easily change their minds but not to a hotty!
Media Invest Management (online X offline)
Just like buying blue chips in a stock market!
Cross-Border Online Reputation Management
Wealth and fame, wealth and fame!
CDO, Bryan wu

Data! Data! Data!

Data is like radiations from outer space, hardly can find out which one is the alien's message. But at least we can know which ones are NOT. And gradually we form the universe by allocating each signal in it's right place! We see many aliens in your world!

Data Mining & Analysis
How do I breathe without data?
GA Analysis & Data Insights
Not only GA..... my dear.......
Strategy Consultation
Believe me, I'm easier to talk to than your robotic xxxx.
CCo, mikoo hsieh

Like a native!

Making friends with foreigners needs foreign languages. Making friends with snakes needs Parseltongue :D We connect copywriters and KOLs from overseas to form an international content army!

Multilingual Content & SERPO Strategy
Sometimes I don't remember my nationality >_<
Content Management
I don't mind you calling me a drama queen ;D
Cross-Border Content Production Management
I know you want a Korean, so do I, jejejejeje!

No matter where you are, MMdc team is only one click away!

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